The words of an ex-parking inspector

Okay people I’m an ex parking officer here to help people so bring it on! I know what happens behind the scenes and Iam open to revealing information “in the best interests of the public”.
Last year I received a fine up the Sunshine Coast at the fisherman’s farmers markets and brought to their “own attention” their “ breaches of the same laws they were giving people at that area. I was let off because I brought to their attention and took photos of the officer walking down the mid strip which is anWHS issue and most and foremost there was a pedestrian crossing about 10-20m from where he was to cross the road without jaywalking! So this officer breached two federal laws in order to enforce one federal law.
So people take photos and remind the councils that they display very clearly on their website about the breaching of laws. Basically copy and paste their own info and give it back to them.
My fine was withdrawn and I was told this was not a precedent. Actually it is.
I also did an application to council requesting all information in relation to the the signage of the area as I believed the No Stopping that was on the footpath was part of the roadway. I just wanted clarification if that area was a footpath or a road.
I was never given this and funny my fine was cancelled. If I can find my info I will add to here.
First -of all all law is based on “the public health and safety” always remember that. When you get and a fine you need to ask yourself what has the fine been issued for as a “safety”? And ask the council that too.

Second- yes fines are being used to raise revenue that would usually support other areas of council. I knew this from working as a parking officer for another council.

Third- don’t think that you get anything free from the government cause in order for them to give to you they need to take from you and make you think they are giving back to the community.. it’s a form of psychological crap in given to the public my opinion but you can make up your own minds.

Fourth- there is no such thing as “quotas” WELL I can definitely say there was were I was and I was expected to bring in 30 fines a day and when I didn’t i was kept in that area of parking until I upped the anti.

Fifth- if you are parking in a “specified timed parking bay” such as 2hr parking then the normal mode of practice is to chalk your tyres and probably “valve stem”them too. What is valve stemming well they carry around a little computer and it shows your front and rear tyres (from the footpath side) 12 o’clock, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. So if your front tyre valve stem is at 3 then they will mark 3 and if it’s between 6-7 then they will mark that as it is. Remember they can’t stay and watch that whole hour cause they have lots of streets to mark so that is why they chalk.
No let’s go to the chalking part ..
When you “contracted with council” to park in a bay for an hour before you are supposed to move off did they ask for your consent to “graffiti” your tyres? Answer- No! Why cause it is an internal/informal process they do.
So if Council is allowed to give fines to people “graffitiing” then under what legislation gave the council the “legal right” to graffiti your tyres?


If your disputing a fine and ask for info make sure you ask for their “internal maps” now you won’t get that but no harm in trying so supenoa them.

Another interesting thing to ask, are there any fines given in “parking areas” for example your coming into an area where there is a two limit parking time and this would be more city based”
If people are fined in the same street that local councillors, MP live…

Just a thought, however this would have to be researched and whether they give you this under the Public Disclosure Act well good luck

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