Why is it that only the wealthy with the means to defend themselves?

“Just a thinking out loud……reading the post on Dr. Manns’ court battle to seek justice for an illegally issued fine. Why is it that only the wealthy ( and good luck to them) are the only ones with the means to defend themselves whilst the rest of us mere mortals are at the mercy of the very people we employ to keep things fair. As honest law abiding citizens we should not be made to pay out of our own pockets for the right to seek justice and yet LOW LIFE CRIMINALS are entitled to a tax payer funded defense…..WHAT THE…….”

“The sad part of this saga is that the Council has just used over $9,000 of our rates money to cheat Dr. Mann out of $94……this money should come out of their “political donations” not our pockets.”

“The Doctor was fined by the council and convicted of it in the Caloundra court then appealed it in the district Court and won. Forcing the Council to pay his legal fees of nine grand. Shows how deep the corruption is on the Sunshine Coast. Even the local courts side with Council to let them continually break the law. I propose we discuss that all enforcement personnel be retrained and gain a certificate of competency in local law before they are allowed to be on active duty. The level of lawlessness in the council is rampant and needs to be reviewed by the ACCC. As this Doctor points out there were three cars parked the same as him and they all got fined. He was the only one of those that could afford the $9000 to prove the Council broke the law and he did. The other just paid there fine as they didn’t have the capital to prove Council broke the law.We all don’t have to go to these measures if we all join in a complaint to the ACCC. Once the lawlessness is stopped the revenue will go back to the same level it was or better.We need the Mayor and the CEO to address this problem before they hold any workshop. They have employed unqualified cowboys to increase revenue using whatever means they like including unlawful and unrealistic actions. They must be held accountable for this Shire wide failure….”

Read about Dr Manns fight for justice hereĀ 

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