Sunshine Coast Council Media Release-December 21, 2017

Workshop to focus on best practice car parking approach

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson today called for a workshop on Council’s approach to managing parking infringements.

“The Councillors and I acknowledge there is significant community commentary occurring regarding council’s approach to parking infringements and fines,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“While Council has a legal responsibility to enforce the law on behalf of the community, I have requested a workshop be held early in the new year as this matter is generating community concern.

“Council officers, community and resident groups, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, RACQ, service providers and utilities will be invited to attend the workshop and make submissions to enable the Councillors and I to review the best practice approach to parking management.

“This will provide an opportunity for the Councillors and officers to establish an agreed approach that is in the best interests of our region, complies with the State Government’s regulatory framework and ensures the ongoing safety of our community.”

Acting Chief Executive Officer Warren Bunker said he has advised council officers to take a common-sense approach when issuing parking infringements and fines, but also stressed the importance of maintaining the regulatory framework.

“Council has a responsibility to provide a corridor of safety on the road and on footpaths, nature strips and verges,” Mr Bunker said.

“Where there are instances of dangers or hazards to the community, fines will continue to be imposed because safety is our highest priority,” Mr Bunker said.

Mr Bunker said the issuing of infringement notices is primarily in response to complaints received from the community.

“Council is responsible for regulating parking under State Government legislation and we are obliged to follow up and investigate all complaints received,” Mr Bunker said.

“Council vehicles are also subject to the same laws as any member of the community, and if these vehicles are parked illegally they can expect to be issued with an infringement.

“Council has listened to community feedback and a workshop early in the new year will provide the opportunity to review our current practices – ensuring there is no unwarranted angst in the community.”

3 Replies to “Sunshine Coast Council Media Release-December 21, 2017”

  1. Another worthless ‘stalling’ tactic. The roads authorised ‘allegedly’ by the QLD Government are clearly the problem. Inadequate, substandard, how about a ‘workshop’ to come up with a plan to get these insidious subdivisions up to an acceptable standard.
    Buy back some of the houses, demolish them and create car parks.
    Widen the roads by getting rid of the grass verge, 1 side of the road would do, most likely.
    A situation that should never have arisen that smacks of incompetence, greed with more potential rates per acre or whatever. What ever happened to Council’s or Government’s ‘Duty Of Care’

    1. Let us consider it this way Patrick…if we the community can clearly see the problem and come up with the solutions to resolve it …do we think that the professional intelligent persons at the council have not done the same?
      So they know the issue is there, they know the solutions and yet things remain the same….. what can we gather from this?

  2. We can gather that council employees and the oversight processes that are in place are in breach of legislative requirements of council and councillors and that the community forum proposed is to distract from this very true and disturbing fact.

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