Section 208: Parallel parking on a road incorrect…no one at council knows what that means?!?

“Received a parking fine for:
Offence description: Section 208, Parallel parking on a road incorrect.
Just rang council to ask for a link where I can read Section 208 to find out what was incorrect with my parking and no one can find that section or what it means!!! They are going to call me back when someone can find that section and tell me what it says!!!”


“208 is about parallel parking and basically they are alleging that you parked facing the wrong way, or too far from the kerb, or too close to another vehicle or dividing line, or you “unreasonably” obstructed the flow of vehicles or pedestrians.”

“The ticket cited state traffic law in the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation, which in Section 208 part 6 declares, “If the road has a continuous dividing line or a dividing strip, the driver must position the vehicle at least 3m from the continuous dividing line or dividing strip, unless otherwise indicated by information on or with a parking control sign.””

“Some places will have a small sign telling you to only reverse park. I know there was one in Peregian Beach one day. I didn’t even see it, but a lady working in a shop near the car park, ran out to warn me.”

“It must be the 3m rule as there was a line down the middle of the road. But to my judgement there was 3m so unless I carry a tape measure how would I know for sure?”

“Yeah but there isn’t even enough room for a dividing strip between the so called “lanes” in our stupid narrow street😳 it is really only a one lane street so really we can argue that the parking bay is for both directions 🤔”



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