Responses to Sunshine Coast Council Media Release-December 21, 2017

Read the Media Release here


” Hahahaha”

“we’d better ensure that there’s some representation from the industrial estates that have been heavily targeted this year! The parking officers were coming after delivery drivers who parked momentarily on the 7m wide “road reserve”, which looks like part of the carpark and has no footpath…”

“I LOVE the fact that the matter has been officially publicly acknowledged and a open meeting will be occurring with everyone together, very very positive However……
The part about the increases occuriring due to more community complaints does not sit well with me AT ALL.
It feels like trying to turn the community on each other….blame thy neighbour I dont believe there has been a spike in whingers….. or that people call to complain that they are parking a little out of their own drive or on their own nature strip OR that people are parking with 2 up to keep their road clear and they would prefer to have them blocking more of the insanely narrow street lol
Nothing regarding the issue they created this issue by signing off approving super narrow roadways.
And to make a key point that you are going to start fining your own employees that try to work in an unworkable system is like saying okay we will treat everyone equally unfairly…as if their job is not hard enough already.”

“And the complaints have been mainly about cars on the road blocking the way not parked safely in their drive way.. also on footpath blocking the way not on nature strips!”

“I don’t trust them at all. Bit of a smokescreen tactic. Say one thing to calm the crowd but are have their own the mooloolaba caravan park”

“Methinks they might be scared of losing their seats at the next election”

“What about the fines received in the meantime?”

“Nothing more then a smoke screen and agree with shifting the blame in saying that it’s due to more community’s complaints .
Smells like bulls#*t to me”

“Community complaints they say well isn’t everyone complaining about there unfair Fine’s how many people had to complain to get them to start listening and as for safety well no one is putting anyone at risk because they have two wheels touching the grass or because there parked in there own driveway”

“Recommendation!! Interesting ! At least they are starting to discuss the problems but how to fix the bad design of new estates🤔..yellow no park lines🤔 maybe parking only one side🤔 parking only allowed between certain times🤔 what wonderful ideas will happen!! Watching waiting!”

“his council has a history of using the “complaints” rort. They did it with dogs at Mooloolaba beach and elsewhere as well.”

“Though the mayor is only saying they would hold a workshop ….another talk fest, we need to keep up the pressure for the laws to be changed not talked about”

“This sort of response is referred to as the Windows Action. We’ll look into it !”

“Meaning … we’ll shut u up for five mins whilst we celebrate Christmas and be seen to be doing something. Which will be nothing!! I have no faith in the SC councillors or mayor!”

“It’s a start 👍”

“Now we just need to see solutions 😐”

“I just read in the report that “He said the steep increase in the amount of parking fines issued was the result of residents calling in to complain.” I thought council claimed there was no increase in fines??? Please Explain!”

“Power to the people!”

“Omg a workshop !
Thats another word for a tea party.
Im 53 next month by the time you blokes finish dilly dally chin wagging I will be in a mobility scooter terrorising pedestrians. Stop harassing residents, stop developer donations,
get your own staff to set an example by parking appropriately and prohibit the construction of 100 homes into the traditional quater acre block. I really don’t think we need to drag a policeman , a fireman and Dr do little
away from their duties to debate the width of a road and parking facilities.”

“yep it’s called a slow stall..don’t get fooled that’s exactly what they want you to do. they will string it out for years.”

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