Re: Request for an update on the review of managing parking on the verge

Dear Mr Manderson,


Re: Request for an update on the review of managing parking on the verge


I refer to your enquiry sent to Councillor Dickson on 28 August 2018, requesting an update on the activities relating to the review of managing parking on the verge. Councillor Dickson has asked me to provide you with a response as I am helping coordinate this review.


The need for more education around parking in residential areas was identified as a key action by stakeholders at the workshop held in February 2018. Since that time, council has developed and delivered several initiatives, and continues to take an education based on compliance response to parking within the Local Government area.

Several actions have been delivered by council in recent months including a new educational webpage on council’s website, as well as fact sheets to raise awareness on the topic of managing parking on the verge in residential areas.


Since December 2017, verge parking infringement notices have largely been confined to instances where a vehicle has created a safety hazard to users of the area. This is consistent the education-based approach that Council has adopted, as outlined above.


If a community member feels an infringement has been issued incorrectly or unfairly they may lodge a request for review online on council’s website under “Pay and Apply > Infringement Notice Payments”.


Council is currently investigating ways in which other local governments manage parking challenges and examining models and options that might be suitable for the Sunshine Coast.


Council will continue to update the community and will maintain our current strong educational approach on this issue until the review is finalised.


Kind Regards



Shanagh Jacobs | Coordinator

Response Services | Customer Response

Customer Engagement and Planning Services | Sunshine Coast Council

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