QLD Government Department of Transport and Main Roads Technical note 138 – “Verge Parking and Idented Parking

I think the reference at the end of this extract may help – It’s from the QLD Government Department of Transport and Main Roads Technical note 138 – “Verge Parking and Idented Parking”:

1 Purpose and scope of this technical note

The purpose of this technical note is to provide guidance on the use of verge parking and indented parking. This parking is typically provided between the kerb line and property boundary, and can be a cost effective retrofit measure to relocate parking from the road pavement to the verge in order to make space for other use of the road space (such as on-road bicycle lanes).
Currently there is no technical guidance on the provision of verge and/or indented parking, and therefore this parking type may be less utilised as a treatment option. The pavement markings and signage requirements for on-road parking are addressed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 11: Parking, whilst the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking addresses many types of on and off street car parking but provision of car parking within the verge is not covered. As well as a parking issue, this is also an issue of the design of the ‘Roadside Environment’. This technical note is a supplement to Section 4.4 of the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 6B: Roadside Environment.
1.1 Introduction

Kerbside parking serves the adjacent land-uses allowing for motor vehicle storage. Kerbside parking, if not managed correctly, can also create dis-benefits to road operations and road safety. Kerbside parking presents an obstacle on the road that occupies and blocks road space that could be used for vehicle throughput. High turnover parking manoeuvres (especially reverse parallel parking) obstructs the flow of traffic and creates several safety risks, and parked vehicles can also obscure visibility of traffic at driveways and intersections and pedestrians crossing mid-block. The dilemma is that many businesses and residents have a genuine need to use the streets as a vehicle storage area and therefore it is often difficult to remove or reduce kerbside parking in many locations without re-instating it elsewhere.

The removal of kerbside parking is usually controversial but not unprecedented. It has occurred on many older arterial roads with adjacent commercial or residential land uses in order to decrease congestion or improve safety such as improving sightlines on crests. The provision of indented or verge parking to replace the on-road kerbside parking has been used as a solution in some of these instances.

Refer to Supplement to Austroads Guide to Traffic Management, Part 11, Section 7.1 (management of kerbside roadspace) for factors to consider.

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