Are parking inspectors targeting families at sporting events and markets?

“We would dearly like to hear from all of you SPORTING PEOPLE, be it participant spectator and more importantly, parents of school kids. Please give us your feedback on any issues of parking at you venues and surrounding streets in regards parking difficulties / dangerous situations for the kids ect., This will add fuel to our plight and more so seek to protect our kids more. Thank you in advance.”

“Post this question on the Sunny Coast Community Board as I recall a few months back, someone posted that at some sport field on a weekend morning all the cars parked were being ticketed….I just don’t recall where”

“I believe it might have been at the sport’s fields in Fisherman’s road on a Sunday. Market goers parked in the sport’s carpark so the sportspeople parked safely on grassed areas around the carpark and got ticketed. 


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