$94 fine for parking our car outside our house in aura

“We got a $94 fine for parking our car outside our house in aura which was a little bit up on the gutter/grassed strip while we cleaned out garage. Why can’t they give a first time warning??? Our streets are so narrow and really busy atm as some are still being built etc.”

Charged $94 for parking outside my office in a dedicated 2 hour parking bay

“My partner got charged $94 for parking outside my office in a dedicated 2 hour parking bay that he was in for 30mins or less as he was just dropping something off. He has a Nissan Navara twin cab ute that is quite long. The person in the park behind him was way up so he parked a little bit forward so they could get out. Where is the common sense. This happened on Duporth Ave where my clients and staff have also been fined even when they move their cars before the two hours. WTF!!”
“Sorry I forgot to mention that he got the ticket because his tire was touching the yellow line not that he was overtime.”

They booked my neighbour for parking on the grass

“The council was at Bells Reach Sunday last. They booked my neighbour for parking on the grass. He is moving OS so had a shipping container in the driveway whilst it was being packed. He was told he would be better to park on the inside curve of the road (highly dangerous spot) than park on the grass. They then came back to Auro on the Monday and screamed at builders to get the …… cars off the road. They are rutheless, will not listen to reason and THEY CREATED the problem in the first place by allowing narrow roads that if two cars are parked you cannot drive through.”

For Sale: 3 bedroom 2 storey house, in average condition

“For Sale: 3 bedroom 2 storey house, in average condition, on a good block. Under cover parking for 4 cars, 1 boat and umpteen motorcycles and bicycles.
Outside parking for at least 12 cars, more can be squeezed in without encroaching on Council’s valuable land.
Offers over $5 million considered.
(of course this is tongue in cheek, but could be a reality in the future.)

NOTE: be very careful on exiting such properties, do not dally at exit crossing, up to 16 parking officers may be lying in wait to issue an infringement notice.
It is rumoured they may be disguised as wheely bins, letter boxes or lamp posts.”

Parents have to park/stop in the gutter on a blind crest

I work mobile and I see near every school on the coast, the problem is insidious, the very worst is Chevallum State School, the poor parents have to park/stop in the gutter on a blind crest, waiting to get into the pickup zone. The parking over the road in Twists is not enough either, despite the Twist Bros good intentions, it is a disaster. Buderim is a nightmare, we could go on, Again poor planning by council, then it is our fault for not conforming. One councillor once tried to suggest that the school stagger leaving times by grade. Bahahahahahaha, what a stupid response. What if you have children in three different grades.

There is heaps of room for the council to make more parks but they won’t

Wait until school starts up again…Coolum Primary is a nightmare for parking. 120 preppies that need to be walked in/out of class and no where near enough parking. Park on the grass and you get fined.
They appeared last year on cross country day when half of the car parks were blocked off surprise surprise.
When questioned they said we should park in the back streets…yep long walks for 4-5 year olds….not to mention clogging up local streets and causing chaos there as well.
I’ve seen 3-4 council cars parked together on the same grass having smoko breaks regularly.
There is heaps of room for the council to make more parks but they won’t.
Coolum is not the only school with this parking mess.

How can I get fined for parking on our lawn Mum?

My daughter just rang me at work to tell me she got fined for parking on our front lawn. She was washing the car and left to go inside make a snack for her little sister. Came out and there was a ticket. “How can I get fined for parking on our lawn Mum?” She said she anywhere near the curb, so people could easily pass. The walking footpath is on the opposite side of the road. In 10years I have never fined for parking my car and washing on our lawn.
I will contest this. I not be paying a cent to the thieving mongrels.

Advise us of an alternative option

Our work vehicle is currently LEGALLY parked on the road, and we have a neighbour who’s verbally abusive, yelling ‘move ur f##ken car’, and similar.
I’ve contacted Council asking to come see how we are parked and advise us of an alternative option. They said they’d come see us over the next couple of days. Months later, haven’t seen them

Handing out info (unfortunately they’d run out)

I just had two lady parking officers come to the home i live at in Gardak St Maroochydore as they are warning all residents in the street and handing out info (unfortunately they’d run out) of parking laws as someone in the street had made a complaint about where someone else was parked.
I Had a bit of a chat to them and they seemed quite aware that they knew they had to start giving more warnings but like everything else you have to wonder how concerned they really are about making life miserable for others at this time of the year…
sadly there are a hell of a lot of whingers in the coast to who love to dob people in..

Our car is too long for the driveway

I’m worried about that too, our car is too long for the driveway it only just passes our boundary and there are two drains near us on either sure so no one can walk there so everyday I hope our car won’t get a fine, it cab still can be easily walked around I have to reverse it in because we can’t see past the trees the council put on their land at the front and people park on the other side of the road opposite the driveway.
Can’t have the car/van in the garage there’s no room and even if there was I have 4 kids I can’t get out of the car in the garage and I’m not driving in a leaving them inside when the youngest is 16 months I’d never forgive myself if I hit him. I also need to be able to get out quick because my child has an autoimmune disease and gets sick quick and my other child is asthmatic.

Much less for food on my table this week

Random thought: are they going to be handing out fines at Christmas/NYE events that we all attend which are put on by Council???
It’s really making me reconsider attending anything as I’ve already been slugged $94 😡 that much less for food on my table this week 😔
I got mine late November, applied to have it withdrawn only to be quoted parking by-laws … even though in a narrow u-shape street at birtinya blocked at BOTH sides with padlocked steel gates and already filled with tradies and trucks – too bad pay up 😔