mothers trying to push prams through long grass and over driveways

Out and about today and a lovely lady brought attention to a particularly concerning safety issue that makes the councils argument about pedestrian safety being a priority over verge parking just a massive tad hypocritical.
Stories of young mothers trying to push prams through long grass and over driveways (no footpath either side of the road) only to come to a nature saving “whatever it is”.
But wait….just cross the road and continue I hear you say!##! Whoops another toad saving snake haven in the way of getting the now dehydrating youngsters home out of the heat….oh well…there’s only the chance of being struck by a car from one of three different directions. So the young mum grabs the heavy pram with one hand and her toddler in the other and hoping like crazy that her little first grader can hang on to her as well while they run the gauntlet to safety. But Oh No, there is another “snake pit” sorry nature thingymajig blocking her direct route to the safety of the opposite grassy nature strip. But wait it doesn’t end there….she has to get her first grader home from school again, so it’s Russian Roulette that this family along with the others in this area play, not Monopoly like the the big kids are playing.


“I see this all the time. I live in Sippy Downs and there are not many footpaths available. I walk my dog on the road rather than try and navigate driveways, gardens, trees, knee length grass and whatever may be hiding in there. I see Mum’s pushing prams that have to do the same thing. When there is a car in the way supposedly parking safe with all 4 wheels on the road, most people will take the easy option and walk around it into the middle of the road. If there are no footpaths available, then cars should be allowed to park on the verge or at least have 2 wheels parked on it so it is safer for pedestrians to navigate.”

“You should try getting out on the passenger side if you have the misfortune of having to “legally” park near one of these so called gardens.
Can I sue council if I get injured doing so?”

“People at the end of our street actually mow the roundabout and maintain the plants in there because council plant these stupid grass bushes that are a hazard for visibility and frankly they aren’t even a plant that looks nice. Just an over priced weed”

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