there are major parking issues in Clithero Ave, Buderim

“there are major parking issues in Clithero Ave, Buderim during school pick up and school drop off, every afternoon of the week.
People park over yellow lines, they double park across the roadway, they park on the grassed verges (yes the verges that had the citrus trees removed from them due to pedestrian safety) they park across people’s driveways preventing safe access and egress.
The residents of that street have been complaining for years and yet they can’t even get the fine police to come around and moderate the behaviour of those picking up and dropping off children. Children are placed at significant risk due to inability to pass pedestrian footpaths on a daily basis in Clithero Ave, Buderim yet the council turns a big bad blind eye.”

“What would you suggest parents do? They have to park somewhere (the problem is only at pickup of an afternoon.) Maybe the street needs widening and curbing and parking bays? Now when cars park on the verge each side of the road it is only single lane.(plus there is still room for pedestrians to walk safely on the verge side of the cars) Common sense must rule.”


“The council were very happy to get out the rule book to chop and chip the trees because of community safety.
Despite the fact that the trees were set well back and posed no safety risk at all to the pedestrian.
Children are at risk, residents are at risk and pedestrians are at risk.
It is a huge problem that council blatantly ignores and has been ignoring for many years.
It isn’t my place to tell council how to fix it, all that is being asked is that they police it as they so openly police other areas, which I might add don’t have the degree of intense foot traffic that this street has at that time.
Restore some order for safety reasons. Just like the police other areas, which they seem very good at. No one wants to see someone killed and many children from the primary school are so young that they haven’t developed the cognitive skills to navigate all of the illegal actions taking place, simultaneously during the peak periods. There is more than one rule being broken which compounds those who park on verges. Rules are rules and in this instance they are valid and necessary for the sake of the children😀”

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