What its like for residents to park in Sippy Downs

“This isnt about council giving fines for cars parked, however the cars used to park up on the grass around a corner at Sippy Downs now they no longer do and i had to slam on brakes wasnt speeding and cars coming from other direction werent doing anything illegal, if i hadnt have stopped would have had a head on collision thankyou developers and council for making the roads in our estates dangerous. It seems they prefer people to have accidents than to avoid them doesnt
make sense. NEED TO ADD never had a speeding fine or been in an accident been driving for 32 years”


“I live in Sippy downs aswell. We have 6 cars. Mine my hubby my 2 teens and their partners. No where to park in the street half the time they have a hike to get back home. Hubby just had a bull bar put on his 4×4 car now sticks out past the mailbox. We are waiting for the day they give him a fine”

“Absolutely insane, next council election, we should be demanding they relax these insane rules because of their own lack of responsibility in approving these estates with roads that arent wide enough. What happens when kids grow up in households and then there is more cars where do the kids park their cars?”

“My kids are always fighting for parks outside the house”

“ridiculous, i feel for you, makes people angry. Gosh you should see how wide the roads are around back of mooloolaba. Of course the council wouldnt get as many rates.The bigger the block, wider the road less the can fit.”

“Everyone in Sippy Downs got warning letters last year to not park safely on the verge. Instead Sippy Downs. Residents have to park in the narrow streets, obstructing traffic flow and risking kids lives.”

“I didn’t get a warning letter!”


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