Inspectors fining for verge parking in the sleepy townships of Glasshouse and Beerwah

“Council Superstars issuing warning tickets in Beerwah again today.
Guy down the road had two wheels just on the grass and had warning notice on his windscreen. Have they not got anything better to do??”

“I did notice that two cars here had warning notices on their windscreen.. Whilst a warming is better then a fine why can’t they park where they were? They wernt blocking any thing or anyone. Pathetic I think.”

“Common sense needs to be used by all concerned. If everyone parked on the roads as they suggested emergency vehicles would never get through. The council approved the width of roads on this estate so will they be held accountable if this situation occurs ?”

“Council workers in glasshouse mt spotted 6 mins giving tickets out to cars park on the grass/curb”


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