Got fined whilst moving into a new house!

Got fined whilst moving into a new house! Had car on grass while unloading truck in driveway as there were no road spots available due to renovations occurring across the street! Explained situation to parking officer and no leniency extended just a fine a week before christmas!

Our house in Birtinya! The thing that frustrates us is we bend over backwards to do the right thing! Hubby parks his truck at the end of our street and walks home just so as to be as legal and not annoying to our neighbours as we can and we stillĀ get targeted!

I park in garage as our driveway isnt long enough for me to park my car behind letter box!

Very happy to chat and keep you in the loop! We love the work you guys are doing and feel you will be pivotal part in any change that comes about as a result of this!

Hubby has also spoken to Peter Cox to try to find a legal way to park his truck as there is technically no legal way for any ute and trailer or truck of any size to legally park at home under current laws!
There has to be changes made its just gotten far too out of hand!

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