I got fine $64 for parking in a 2 hour park for 17 mins

“I got fine $64 for parking in a 2 hour park for 17 mins even my ticket was dodgy up by the officer and he/she wrote in my ticket 1.54 they clock my car and came back at 2.31pm and fine me that is not 2 hours 😂 i have gone into the council a few times cause like hell i am paying $64 for something i did not do my last vist to the council again i ask do your parking officers have any proof that i was there for more than 2 hours? No comment, do your parking officers know how to count when they try to doge up the ticket i got? No comment told em that where i park outside my work i am never there for more than half an hour i am there to drop off and pick up products and than i am off again and your parking officer has doge up this parking ticket to get me, they just told me to email my compliant if i want to fight it😂 and than i walk out the office and there was a parking inspector outside so i had a chat to him and was being nice about it asking if parking inspector have a proof when they give out tickets or cwn they just write whwt they want? He got very aggressive and started to tell me to go back to my country and calling me a gook right outside the council office in maroochydoe haha”

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