Council & the Developers- the blame game tango continues

Just had a very interesting chat with a prominent builder in these Stockland developments and he was sympathetic towards Stockland being over targeted on what he is adamant is a money grab from council.
Yes…. they are the developers and have what we all regard as inadequate parking facilities but they in turn are just doing what the state government legislation is allowing them. And myself being a foundation resident of the first street built in Bells Reach Drive, (by the way…the roads were not even finished when we bought, so had no idea of the parking problem to come), We have watched this whole area progress to this stage.
After walking the streets of the newer sections of Bells Reach, Arbor and Aura TALKING TO TRADIES AND GATHERING THEIR STORIES i have noted that they have definitely improved the situation by way of parking bays on some of the more arterial streets, although they still have a problem with the side streets.
My point being although Stockland are the designers, it is definitely the Council that are taking advantage of the outdated ( 23 YEARS) to be exact legislation.


“From my understanding the state only mandate the minimum width of the road. The developers and the council can always go wider but they don’t because ????”

“Council should increase the minimum as they are the ones enforcing (and benefiting from) the road rules. ”

“Its sad when we have to create more law and legislation to force ethical behaviour and prioritise the needs of people before profits.

Oh but she said this, oh but he let me, oh but no one said Im not allowed, oh but they did it first, its not my fault because of what she said, oh but, oh but, oh but…………these arguments do not fly when dealing with our children bickering and not working together, and we are all very over hearing them from our governing bodies.
I cant even watch parliament in session due to the awful jeering, deliberate opposition for the sake of opposition and bad behaviour I see there, grow up and get your sh*# together already please because we the people are completely over it.”


“council can even stipulate certain conditions! Yes council can! And the fact that council and the developers (this is about $$ in the end it always is) allow and approve this and then when residents are up in arms because the situation was caused by the same ones enforcing it now it’s up to residents to come up with solutions.. really! Quick fixes work as it’s always crisis management then when the community is settled it goes away.. and slowly the machine starts up again.. ever noticed less fines issued around election times??
I’m sure Public Interest Disclosure (PDI) request could give those statistics, if they decide to give it ..”

“I don’t think you can blame Stockland they are going to use as much land as possible. The council approves the road widths so they should be made accountable for the parking problems.”

“Stockland blames the council, the council blames stockland, the council blames state government who blame federal government who put the blame back to local  arrrghhh frustration!
That laws must be made to ensure ethical behavior and needs of the community above profits… Thats really sad isnt it?  “


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