Council creating pedestrian obstacles on the verge?

It’s not just the new developments that lack footpaths. In my area, Moffat Beach, the road is used by school kids, old age pensioners and all in between. They have to use the road due to lack of footpaths.

The ‘grass’ verge is fraught with obstructions. Some years ago Council workers came around and fitted inspection covers for water related valves, there was 5 fitted in the verge at the front of my place, all at different levels and not flush with the surface. Couldn’t say it was an amateur job, that would be insulting an amateur.
Only one can be seen now, that one still sticks up above the ground level, waiting to trip some unfortunate pedestrian.
Every election time I ask candidates, what are they prepared to do about footpaths, nothing ever happens.
I could never understand why a footpath was built along a boundary of the racecourse some years ago, then it was sold off. Oh, Commercial interests, yep that’s what Council is all about. We’re alright Jack, you stupid ratepayers can pay for what we want and we’ll make laws to make sure you pay and pay and pay.


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