Council creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians?

“Well, sometime ago i rang council regarding a hazard backing out of my driveway.
We have very wide footpaths but next to my driveway, half the footpath was taken up with a dense garden, including palms and concrete edging on council footpath which reduced visibility.
Council came out and said no it didnt and he didnt see a problem…wtf?”

” I hope you got all his reasons for not doing anything about it in an email?”

“Are you kidding .. no! Never even saw the guy. I think it was just a note in the letterbox”

“We have hazards driving our front ways in our drive way because of these so called trees that were supposed to “bring the neighbours together” or something like that when they planted them 4 years ago we basically have to be on the road to see up our street if any cars are coming and don’t get me started on the trees and bushes they out by the paths so when I walk my 4 kids under 10 (9,7,4 and 17 months) to and from school we can’t see out I have go in front of the pram to look if there is any cars coming and hope that none come by the time I walk back and tell the 3 older kids to cross the road this is just by Quinn park, bells reach its a disaster waiting to happen”

“Wasn’t Tim Dwyer was it??? He told me I didn’t have problem getting out of my driveway!! Took me 14 yrs but now have yellow lines either side of my driveway. Thanks to engineering dept who deemed that where cars were parking wasn’t suitable for a car. No thanks to Tim Dwyer ..useless!!”

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