Colin Goes Live After Council Meeting-20th Dec

Should have put some George Cloony make up on before this……lol….Sun cancers are a bitch.

Posted by Colin Manderson on Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Hi gang, just got home from a meeting with council with Sandy. This meeting went well in regards to having them listen to our plight. I’ll let Sandy fill you in with the progress as this is her baby and I am just helping her. Everybody should be so proud of this beautiful sole for her tenacity and dedication to our cause.
I must give thanks to Trish and Sheryl from council for meeting with us today. Although we started a bit shaky, it finished with a positive outcome and with all in agreence that discussion with council , state government, developers is needed to resolve this, what is going to be an ongoing problem as these high density estates and high rise developments become more the norm. Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and let’s all stick together. The door is open to negotiations in the new year so please keep drumming up support. People Power will prevail as long as we are all sensible about it. So please, absolutely no foul language or unnecessary uninformed rants. Also we don’t want or need any staged photos as this will only undermine the credibility that Sandy has fought so hard to build up. The council are Not silly people, they would be monitoring us on FB, I certainly hope they are because we’ll to show them we are Not a bunch of rat bags….rather a very concerned bunch of residents/voters.

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