Unfortunate we couldn’t go back to a time when you had a problem

It is unfortunate we couldn’t go back to a time when you had a problem with a neighbors car parked on your roses you could go ask them nicely not to park there and they would respect that, now days people get some sort of thrill out of the drama and it is correct, when a resident puts a complaint into council Continue reading “Unfortunate we couldn’t go back to a time when you had a problem”

Not good for business

“The Sunshine Coast used to be a beautiful place to live, but sadly it no longer has that welcoming feeling. It would be interesting to see how tourists feel about the Sunshine Coast. If they get hit with these fines it is likely they will never return and they will tell others. Not good for business. My suggestion is that you need to find people who are interested in becoming councillors who can be voted for at the next election. Until you have a new member in every seat nothing will change. Many are safe because they don’t have any real competition. Parking fines is just one issue with this council. There are so many more issues like zones being changed from commercial to rural and the fruit tree debacle. Dig a little deeper and you will find much more. Council is a business for council, not for the community. People power together with a well thought out plan to make big changes is needed so that it is not a bandaid fix.”


The chances of us moving up the coast are now really really slim

“My husband and I decided 6 months ago that we are going to sell our house on acreage and move back to the beach- probably Caloundra- as we need four bedrooms for our kids. We figured caloundra was great for the kids to grow up in and close to my husbands work, who is an engine reconditioner in Caloundra for light aircraft. Last night we actually sat down and discussed that because of how the council have been this last week, the chances of us moving to Caloundra or up the coast further for that matter, are now really really slim. It’s just shit!”

Worry about the commercial areas

“Also what are the parking attendants doing in the suburbs? Go away and worry about the commercial areas. What about washing our cars on the grass? This was an excellent idea a few years ago – don’t waste water, wash car on the grass, so the water ‘feeds’ the grass. Now, I imagine, a parking person can fine you for this? Parking on the verge? This all started to get out of control with SCRC when they destroyed perfectly good fruit trees at Buderim.”

Parked on both sides of the road, no other vehicles can pass

“Approvals for developers were allowed so that the maximum number of dwellings could be placed on the land, without due consideration for the fact that the roads are so narrow, that if vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, no other vehicles can pass down the middle..Extremely poor planning.”