Inspectors fining for verge parking in the sleepy townships of Glasshouse and Beerwah

“Council Superstars issuing warning tickets in Beerwah again today.
Guy down the road had two wheels just on the grass and had warning notice on his windscreen. Have they not got anything better to do??”

“I did notice that two cars here had warning notices on their windscreen.. Whilst a warming is better then a fine why can’t they park where they were? They wernt blocking any thing or anyone. Pathetic I think.”

“Common sense needs to be used by all concerned. If everyone parked on the roads as they suggested emergency vehicles would never get through. The council approved the width of roads on this estate so will they be held accountable if this situation occurs ?”

“Council workers in glasshouse mt spotted 6 mins giving tickets out to cars park on the grass/curb”


there is no pathway they are blocking if the cars park up on the grass

it doesnt make sense, there is no pathway they are blocking if the cars park up on the grass, its better for road users as its a blind corner on fitzwilliam drive towards claymore rd and is the main thoroughfare for dozens of cars, morning and afternoon and these cars are there parked almost every day can be up to 4 cars, so can be a real obstacle course

the only people responsible are the council and the developers

“You honestly cannot safely drive more than 35 in Bells Reach estate and some drive at 60 cut corners and I live on one – scary place to be on the road in peek traffic times.
The other day I saw someone parked ON the corner when there was straight street frontage they could have used.
It is dangerous and crazy and the only people responsible are the council and the developers.
I have asked and asked for slow speed signs and they fall back on 100 year old laws that dont fit these narrow roads with no parking.”

“Agree council should be making life easier not harder”

“It is not in their DNA apparently. They all need to be dismissed, including most of the staff – the woman parking police who came around this estate was an absolute screaming ranting bully.”

What its like for residents to park in Sippy Downs

“This isnt about council giving fines for cars parked, however the cars used to park up on the grass around a corner at Sippy Downs now they no longer do and i had to slam on brakes wasnt speeding and cars coming from other direction werent doing anything illegal, if i hadnt have stopped would have had a head on collision thankyou developers and council for making the roads in our estates dangerous. It seems they prefer people to have accidents than to avoid them doesnt
make sense. NEED TO ADD never had a speeding fine or been in an accident been driving for 32 years”

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When we appealed the fine we were asked to provide the receipt for the battery

As far as I’m concerned there really is only one solution and that is to allow some parking on nature strips.
Also relax the enforcement of the existing laws.

For example when we received our first fine for parking on the nature strip my partners car actually had a flat battery.
Rather than leave it on the road where we thought it would be dangerous it was left parked on the nature strip, not impeding anyone walking by or dangerous to anyone.
When we appealed the fine we were asked to provide the receipt for the battery which of course my partner could not find.
So in these cases we ask the council to be fair and reasonable.

got done because a spindly weed was touching his tyre

Hubby has a land cruiser so he has to use the driveway and the caravan takes the other side so my little car is 2 wheels up on the gutter. Not one blade of grass hits my tyres because Hubby got done because a spindly weed was touching his tyre so they deemed him to be parking on the grass

Wise words from a local ex-firey

Hi all, after the tsunami of community backlash the Sunshine Coast Council has agreed to review parking management practices and are holding a workshop on the issue early in the New Year and with Christmas just around the corner (meaning lots of kids playing around our homes and streets) I thought it might be worth teasing out some of the issues before the workshop happens.

For my part, I am sunny coast resident and home owner, a father and grandfather and spent over 15 years in the Fire Brigade, eight years as Captain. These are the foundations of my thoughts on the matter. I also chaired a local District Emergency Management Committee tasked with evaluating emergency vehicle access needs (not here on the Sunny Coast).

It seems to me the main arguments for and against Council actions in this area; being to penalise anyone they see parked on the so-called “Council strip” or verge, or even with just a single wheel or bumper overlapping, run like this:

Council: “There is a risk to children of cars parked on the verge because a child might run out from behind a car and not be seen by drivers on the road” and “Council are obliged to enforce State Government law in this area and penalise vehicle owners who are parked on or partially on the verge”.

The Community: “It is morally improper for an organisation to expect residents to exert funds and effort to maintain a piece of land owned by the organisation yet to then refuse said residents reasonable vehicle access to the land” and “It is improper for Council to enforce regulations that by Councils own development approval standards are not achievable” (insufficient room to properly park on the roadside or within a private driveway etc).

It’s worth noting these are majority opinions and by no means cover all areas of concern. But they are a starting point.

Taking these a point at a time (I have an additional point that I will leave for the end).

1. The risk requiring mitigation of a child being struck by a car is this – a child may be hidden by a parked car meaning the driver of a moving car has insufficient reaction time to avoid the child. These are tragic and horrific circumstances so let’s think through the reality. Driving down a typical coast road we often travel a metre or less away from cars parked on the side of the road. Conversely we are usually two, three or more metres away from a car parked on the verge. It is clear that in most cases we have a greater reaction time for a child appearing behind a car parked on the verge than we do a car parked on the side of the road, for the simple reason we are further away from the car parked on the verge and have more time to react. Council’s assessment of risk in this area clearly requires some clarification and I expect our emergency services and other emergency workers will offer opinion on this point.

2. Local Government exists to promote the interests of the locality for which it is formed. If State Government laws are at odds with local conditions and circumstances it is incumbent on Council to lobby for change. The obligations on Council to enforce State legislation are no greater than Councils obligation to support and lobby for local needs and requirements. Council works for us, not for the State. This point can seem lost in deliberations.

3. Community concerns are legitimised when we consider that any study of morals and ethics teaches the base requirement of equity. There is no equity in Council expecting residents to maintain Council land yet then refusing vehicular access to said land and worse, applying a penalty for non-compliance. It fails the ethics test. We must give something back if we expect someone to freely maintain our property. There are also questions as to where monies being raised by these penalties are spent. More consultation would be beneficial.

4. Roads are primarily constructed for the purpose of vehicle movement. If a requirement exists for parking on both sides of a road due to housing approvals then any development approval should factor this need into road construction. In my view it is improper for Council to approve a road that is not fit for purpose. In this area community concerns also seem legitimised.

The additional point I wish to raise is this:

When tragedy strikes and you need a response from fire, police or ambulance our roads must be capable of allowing access. I would argue this is the most important factor to consider. We cannot expect a 17 ton Fire Appliance to navigate a 4.5 metre wide suburban street with two 1.8 metre wide cars parked on each side of the road. I have been in this scenario numerous times and the mathematics simply doesn’t work. In these scenarios residents must be allowed to park on the verge when need dictates. The alternative is to accept that then when our homes are on fire or our family members are injured, that help will not be able to get to us. Council is quite remiss in not factoring this consideration.

Apologies for the length of this post and my thanks if you have read this far. I certainly accept there are many views on this topic and many legitimate reasons why residents may not want cars parked on the verge. I think the sensible approach is to exercise due diligence and make allowances as and when required. Perhaps a suitable scenario would be to allow parking on the verge on any street less than 6 metres wide. Another might be to allow parking on the verge for resident’s and trade workers vehicles only. It does seem wrong for a Council that allegedly promotes business enterprise to target tradies vehicles parked on a workplace the way they have been doing.

Happy Christmas all.

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I’m still getting over the ridiculous fine my wife had to pay

Good work. I’m still getting over the ridiculous fine my wife had to pay after parking safely and unobtrusively in an unmarked space at the Fishermans Road sports complex. It was netball finals day and the place was absolutely packed. Council decided that would be an opportune time to head on down and book dozens and dozens of people essentially because their own facility doesn’t provide enough spaces for well-attended events. Disgraceful.

Note how the Ute and trailer on a still not developed footpath provides a lot more sanctuary for him?

This is a classic example of council’s warped sense of so called safety issue. Notice the tradie getting gear from his Ute whilst parked in the council enforced manner. And note how the Ute and trailer on a still not developed footpath provides a lot more sanctuary for him whilst at the trailer from the many delivery trucks coming and going……go figure Mr. Council.

We had our camper trailer backed up to our garage unpacking

“I got a letter but no fine on my car today in Buddina. We had our camper trailer backed up to our garage unpacking it and our car was half on the nature strip, wasn’t even there for 30mins and we came out to a letter on the windscreen. Not sure if I should call and see if we did get a fine 😩 would hate to have to pay a late fee on top of a fine 👎🏽”

$94 fine for parking our car outside our house in aura

“We got a $94 fine for parking our car outside our house in aura which was a little bit up on the gutter/grassed strip while we cleaned out garage. Why can’t they give a first time warning??? Our streets are so narrow and really busy atm as some are still being built etc.”

Charged $94 for parking outside my office in a dedicated 2 hour parking bay

“My partner got charged $94 for parking outside my office in a dedicated 2 hour parking bay that he was in for 30mins or less as he was just dropping something off. He has a Nissan Navara twin cab ute that is quite long. The person in the park behind him was way up so he parked a little bit forward so they could get out. Where is the common sense. This happened on Duporth Ave where my clients and staff have also been fined even when they move their cars before the two hours. WTF!!”
“Sorry I forgot to mention that he got the ticket because his tire was touching the yellow line not that he was overtime.”

They booked my neighbour for parking on the grass

“The council was at Bells Reach Sunday last. They booked my neighbour for parking on the grass. He is moving OS so had a shipping container in the driveway whilst it was being packed. He was told he would be better to park on the inside curve of the road (highly dangerous spot) than park on the grass. They then came back to Auro on the Monday and screamed at builders to get the …… cars off the road. They are rutheless, will not listen to reason and THEY CREATED the problem in the first place by allowing narrow roads that if two cars are parked you cannot drive through.”

Parents have to park/stop in the gutter on a blind crest

I work mobile and I see near every school on the coast, the problem is insidious, the very worst is Chevallum State School, the poor parents have to park/stop in the gutter on a blind crest, waiting to get into the pickup zone. The parking over the road in Twists is not enough either, despite the Twist Bros good intentions, it is a disaster. Buderim is a nightmare, we could go on, Again poor planning by council, then it is our fault for not conforming. One councillor once tried to suggest that the school stagger leaving times by grade. Bahahahahahaha, what a stupid response. What if you have children in three different grades.