Feeling Nervous!

Feeling Nervous 😐
Kids are washing two cars so I have had to park low low low on the drive 😆…. keeping my 👀 out for you know who’s to give me you know what’s!!!!!

For Sale: 3 bedroom 2 storey house, in average condition

“For Sale: 3 bedroom 2 storey house, in average condition, on a good block. Under cover parking for 4 cars, 1 boat and umpteen motorcycles and bicycles.
Outside parking for at least 12 cars, more can be squeezed in without encroaching on Council’s valuable land.
Offers over $5 million considered.
(of course this is tongue in cheek, but could be a reality in the future.)

NOTE: be very careful on exiting such properties, do not dally at exit crossing, up to 16 parking officers may be lying in wait to issue an infringement notice.
It is rumoured they may be disguised as wheely bins, letter boxes or lamp posts.”