there are major parking issues in Clithero Ave, Buderim

“there are major parking issues in Clithero Ave, Buderim during school pick up and school drop off, every afternoon of the week.
People park over yellow lines, they double park across the roadway, they park on the grassed verges (yes the verges that had the citrus trees removed from them due to pedestrian safety) they park across people’s driveways preventing safe access and egress.
The residents of that street have been complaining for years and yet they can’t even get the fine police to come around and moderate the behaviour of those picking up and dropping off children. Children are placed at significant risk due to inability to pass pedestrian footpaths on a daily basis in Clithero Ave, Buderim yet the council turns a big bad blind eye.”

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charging people for parking in a bus stop that is not even operational

Well the wonderful parking inspectors have been out today fleecing the residents of Sunshine Cove by charging people for parking in a bus stop that is not even operational yet and doubt it will be for a while as this estate is still “under construction”. My partner reckons they got 4 people in that one spot would have paid their wages for the day. Someone tell me this is not revenue raising at its finest.

He also asked why the yellow lines had been taken away from the driveways of some homes in the older part of the estate and why they aren’t doing it for everybody, only to be told to ring council customer service.

parking inspectors blatantly breaking the law

Hi members, just received a few pics from a friend of mine visiting the new hospital at Kawana. He has been noticing the parking inspectors blatantly breaking the law by way of jaywalking in their quest to get to cars quicker to fine.

One of their victims was a lady attending a Chemo session…….is that low or what!


“A pedestrian must not cross a road, or part of a road, within 20m of a crossing on the road” 🤔 from the Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 2009″

“interesting part of that is that council have based this workshop on the 1995 Road Management Act ????”

My $36 fine turned into $580 sper payment plan

I parked in Caloundra and there were no signs to indicate paid parking. Took it to court. My $36 fine turned into $580 sper payment plan. The magistrate didn’t give to hoots and the prosecutor for the council is a stuck up self absorbed twat.

Section 208: Parallel parking on a road incorrect…no one at council knows what that means?!?

“Received a parking fine for:
Offence description: Section 208, Parallel parking on a road incorrect.
Just rang council to ask for a link where I can read Section 208 to find out what was incorrect with my parking and no one can find that section or what it means!!! They are going to call me back when someone can find that section and tell me what it says!!!”

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Channel 7 News Report- Parking Fines Jump

In case anyone else missed it!!

The investigation shows that last financial year the Sunshine Coast council had a whopping increase of $700000 in extra revenue from parking fines and 9000 more tickets issued than the previous year!!!

The video also details the top 10 roads that people are being fined on!!

1- SIPPY DOWNS DRIVE you are the winner by far!!
Almost 5000 tickets issued with a revenue of $200000 raised 
we also have..
2- Oranto Ave, Bulcock Street & Minchinto Street, Caloundra
3- Eccles Road, Birtinya
4- Brisbane Road and Parkland Parade, Mooloolahba
5- Hosptial and Ann Street, Nambour

People are being fined more in April and May (holiday season?)

And most interestingly 2000 tickets WERE REVOKED upon application last year!!
Some were due to medical or compassionate reasons, BUT the bulk were cancelled due to parking inspector error (or as I sometimes call it ‘a worker trying desperately to achieve unreasonable KPIs and keep their job’)

Parking fines jump

Exclusive: A 7 News investigation has found a staggering jump in the number and value of parking fines racked up on the Sunshine Coast.

Posted by 7 News Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 11 January 2018

Why is this so random and inconsistent?

“Why can my neighbour park on the footpath and never get booked but my daughter and her boyfriend get booked. My other neighbour gets booked but they park on the footpath almost every day. Why is this so random and inconsistent .”

“I would say your neighbour is a friend of parking warden”

“one would think the parking warden would be rapidly running out of friends now. We have a similar situation in Palmwoods where it appears there is one friend left.”

Inspectors fining for verge parking in the sleepy townships of Glasshouse and Beerwah

“Council Superstars issuing warning tickets in Beerwah again today.
Guy down the road had two wheels just on the grass and had warning notice on his windscreen. Have they not got anything better to do??”

“I did notice that two cars here had warning notices on their windscreen.. Whilst a warming is better then a fine why can’t they park where they were? They wernt blocking any thing or anyone. Pathetic I think.”

“Common sense needs to be used by all concerned. If everyone parked on the roads as they suggested emergency vehicles would never get through. The council approved the width of roads on this estate so will they be held accountable if this situation occurs ?”

“Council workers in glasshouse mt spotted 6 mins giving tickets out to cars park on the grass/curb”


there is no pathway they are blocking if the cars park up on the grass

it doesnt make sense, there is no pathway they are blocking if the cars park up on the grass, its better for road users as its a blind corner on fitzwilliam drive towards claymore rd and is the main thoroughfare for dozens of cars, morning and afternoon and these cars are there parked almost every day can be up to 4 cars, so can be a real obstacle course

Council can always have a separate by-law if they wanted to

“As I understand the real problem are the subdivision design rules from Australian Standards. Councils must comply to these therefore the problem is Australia wide. This group should be renamed and the problem needs to be highlighted to federal politicians.”

“Yes,however, i think you will find that the rules specify the MINIMUM road width. Council can always have a separate by-law if they wanted to.ensure that the streets were wide enough for the volume of traffic.”

the only people responsible are the council and the developers

“You honestly cannot safely drive more than 35 in Bells Reach estate and some drive at 60 cut corners and I live on one – scary place to be on the road in peek traffic times.
The other day I saw someone parked ON the corner when there was straight street frontage they could have used.
It is dangerous and crazy and the only people responsible are the council and the developers.
I have asked and asked for slow speed signs and they fall back on 100 year old laws that dont fit these narrow roads with no parking.”

“Agree council should be making life easier not harder”

“It is not in their DNA apparently. They all need to be dismissed, including most of the staff – the woman parking police who came around this estate was an absolute screaming ranting bully.”

What its like for residents to park in Sippy Downs

“This isnt about council giving fines for cars parked, however the cars used to park up on the grass around a corner at Sippy Downs now they no longer do and i had to slam on brakes wasnt speeding and cars coming from other direction werent doing anything illegal, if i hadnt have stopped would have had a head on collision thankyou developers and council for making the roads in our estates dangerous. It seems they prefer people to have accidents than to avoid them doesnt
make sense. NEED TO ADD never had a speeding fine or been in an accident been driving for 32 years”

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noting the difference between legislation and enforcement

I think we also should be quite forceful in noting the difference between legislation and enforcement.
All Statutes contain a penalty provision, usually in the form of “Penalty Units” (currently $126.15 per unit in QLD) however there is no requirement under Statute for the penalty to be applied… it is discretionary and it is a requirement for the enforcement agency (Council in this case) to factor individual and case specific circumstances.

bylaws could be introduced locally

The legislation does need to be brought into line but that in itself could be a long process as it’s State Govt legislation. 🙁

If bylaws could be introduced locally, as I understand has been done by other Councils, to provide amnesty in certain areas, this could perhaps be a quicker process.