Re: Request for an update on the review of managing parking on the verge

Dear Mr Manderson,


Re: Request for an update on the review of managing parking on the verge


I refer to your enquiry sent to Councillor Dickson on 28 August 2018, requesting an update on the activities relating to the review of managing parking on the verge. Councillor Dickson has asked me to provide you with a response as I am helping coordinate this review.


The need for more education around parking in residential areas was identified as a key action by stakeholders at the workshop held in February 2018. Since that time, council has developed and delivered several initiatives, and continues to take an education based on compliance response to parking within the Local Government area.

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Tradies Parking Plight!

Tradies Plight

On the job with our tradies…narrow roads!!

Posted by Rachel Martin on Friday, 9 February 2018

If he was parked ‘legally’ would a fire truck get through?

How much room if the large vehicle wasnot parked on the verge?

Would a fire truck get through if he was not verge parked?

Posted by Rachel Martin on Friday, 9 February 2018

Sometimes verge parking is safer!!

Is verge parking sometimes safer than legal parking?

More examples where verge parking is the safest option..

Posted by Rachel Martin on Friday, 9 February 2018

Contradiction on verge parking!

Contradiction: verge parking

Verge parking will block the footpaths and impede pedestrians…..but these things do not?

Posted by Rachel Martin on Friday, 9 February 2018

What is your local Councillors opinion on verge parking, street widths and the increase in parking fines?

Rick Baberoski
Division 1
Bald Knob, Baringa, Beerburrum, Beerwah, Bells Creek, Bellvista, Booroobin, Bribie Island North, Caloundra West, Coochin Creek, Crohamhurst, Glass House Mountains, Glenview, Landsborough, Little Mountain, Maleny, Meridan Plains, Mooloolah Valley, Mount Mellum, Palmview, Peachester, Wootha


Phone:      (07) 5420 8987
Fax:           (07) 5475 7277

Opinion on verge parking, street widths and the increase in parking fines: Unknown

Tim Dwyer
Division 2 (Dep Mayor)
Battery Hill, Caloundra, Caloundra West, Dicky Beach, Golden Beach, Kings Beach, Little Mountain, Moffat Beach, Pelican Waters, Shelly Beach
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The words of an ex-parking inspector

Okay people I’m an ex parking officer here to help people so bring it on! I know what happens behind the scenes and Iam open to revealing information “in the best interests of the public”.
Last year I received a fine up the Sunshine Coast at the fisherman’s farmers markets and brought to their “own attention” their “ breaches of the same laws they were giving people at that area. I was let off because I brought to their attention and took photos of the officer walking down the mid strip which is anWHS issue and most and foremost there was a pedestrian crossing about 10-20m from where he was to cross the road without jaywalking! So this officer breached two federal laws in order to enforce one federal law.
So people take photos and remind the councils that they display very clearly on their website about the breaching of laws. Basically copy and paste their own info and give it back to them.
My fine was withdrawn and I was told this was not a precedent. Actually it is.
I also did an application to council requesting all information in relation to the the signage of the area as I believed the No Stopping that was on the footpath was part of the roadway. I just wanted clarification if that area was a footpath or a road.
I was never given this and funny my fine was cancelled. If I can find my info I will add to here.
First -of all all law is based on “the public health and safety” always remember that. When you get and a fine you need to ask yourself what has the fine been issued for as a “safety”? And ask the council that too.

Second- yes fines are being used to raise revenue that would usually support other areas of council. I knew this from working as a parking officer for another council. Continue reading “The words of an ex-parking inspector”

Even the council workers cant operate legally within this set up..

Sunshine Coast work car parked on my street Upper Gay Tce Kings Beach about 30 mins ago over yellow line. When I took photo employee started yelling out at me!!




“Hi all, this is a very serious matter and I’d like to know more details so I can follow up with our CEO to ensure this staff member is made aware and disciplined for their actions. Under no circumstances is this “ok”. Could admin or the person who witnessed this please contact me via messenger? I will not use your name and will keep your complaint confidential. Thank you.
– Cr Christian Dickson, division 6”
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A response to councils meeting letter

With regard to the language used in this letter. There is a lot of “lawful” and “unlawful” innuendo but I believe the crux of it is in the 2nd to last paragraph of the letter which states:

>> enable Council to ensure it determines a best practice approach to parking management on road verges that reflects the best interests of our region, COMPLIES WITH THE STATE GOVERNMENT AND COUNCIL “REGULATORY” FRAMEWORK and supports the ongoing safety of the local community.<<

Very easy to miss but the literal meaning of this is a complete contradiction in terms because it simply isn’t possible to satisfy all these things in existing suburban developments under existing legislation. Even their last bullet point asks if we have any suggestions for road verge parking that are “lawful” and “appropriate”. Continue reading “A response to councils meeting letter”

Invitation to the Council Workshop on the Parking Issues- and community repsonse

Well gangsters…..It’s finally arrived. Our invitation to the Council Workshop on the Parking Issues.
Please read through and note that we will have limited time for our presentation.
The time has come to now produce positive achievable solutions for them to work on. We already have some very positive suggestions but put your thinking caps on and let’s show them we are not only critics….but also willing to be pro active toward genuine change.


“I think we all want the same thing. Just to be able to park our cars safely but at the same time have it safe for pedestrians. Let us put 2 wheels up on the verge as long as not parking on the concrete footpath and future developments to to have wider streets and deeper blocks so people can park on the driveways without being outside the boundary.
I drove down Spinnaker Blvd the other day and thought this is how streets should be. Wide enough for cars to travel safely each way and then ample parking room on both sides of the road. Good old ”

“Ideally we should‘nt have to worry about parking on our own driveways, up to the boundary, as long as we are not blocking the footpath for pedestrians..”

“So let me get this right, they want our submission, 14 days before the event, giving us only two weeks to prepare, then they have our ideas and concerns and therefore have two weeks to prepare counter arguments to our proposal. Am I being cynical?” Continue reading “Invitation to the Council Workshop on the Parking Issues- and community repsonse”

Council & the Developers- the blame game tango continues

Just had a very interesting chat with a prominent builder in these Stockland developments and he was sympathetic towards Stockland being over targeted on what he is adamant is a money grab from council.
Yes…. they are the developers and have what we all regard as inadequate parking facilities but they in turn are just doing what the state government legislation is allowing them. And myself being a foundation resident of the first street built in Bells Reach Drive, (by the way…the roads were not even finished when we bought, so had no idea of the parking problem to come), We have watched this whole area progress to this stage.
After walking the streets of the newer sections of Bells Reach, Arbor and Aura TALKING TO TRADIES AND GATHERING THEIR STORIES i have noted that they have definitely improved the situation by way of parking bays on some of the more arterial streets, although they still have a problem with the side streets.
My point being although Stockland are the designers, it is definitely the Council that are taking advantage of the outdated ( 23 YEARS) to be exact legislation.


“From my understanding the state only mandate the minimum width of the road. The developers and the council can always go wider but they don’t because ????”

“Council should increase the minimum as they are the ones enforcing (and benefiting from) the road rules. ”

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Council creating pedestrian obstacles on the verge?

It’s not just the new developments that lack footpaths. In my area, Moffat Beach, the road is used by school kids, old age pensioners and all in between. They have to use the road due to lack of footpaths.

The ‘grass’ verge is fraught with obstructions. Some years ago Council workers came around and fitted inspection covers for water related valves, there was 5 fitted in the verge at the front of my place, all at different levels and not flush with the surface. Couldn’t say it was an amateur job, that would be insulting an amateur.
Only one can be seen now, that one still sticks up above the ground level, waiting to trip some unfortunate pedestrian.
Every election time I ask candidates, what are they prepared to do about footpaths, nothing ever happens.
I could never understand why a footpath was built along a boundary of the racecourse some years ago, then it was sold off. Oh, Commercial interests, yep that’s what Council is all about. We’re alright Jack, you stupid ratepayers can pay for what we want and we’ll make laws to make sure you pay and pay and pay.


mothers trying to push prams through long grass and over driveways

Out and about today and a lovely lady brought attention to a particularly concerning safety issue that makes the councils argument about pedestrian safety being a priority over verge parking just a massive tad hypocritical.
Stories of young mothers trying to push prams through long grass and over driveways (no footpath either side of the road) only to come to a nature saving “whatever it is”.
But wait….just cross the road and continue I hear you say!##! Whoops another toad saving snake haven in the way of getting the now dehydrating youngsters home out of the heat….oh well…there’s only the chance of being struck by a car from one of three different directions. So the young mum grabs the heavy pram with one hand and her toddler in the other and hoping like crazy that her little first grader can hang on to her as well while they run the gauntlet to safety. But Oh No, there is another “snake pit” sorry nature thingymajig blocking her direct route to the safety of the opposite grassy nature strip. But wait it doesn’t end there….she has to get her first grader home from school again, so it’s Russian Roulette that this family along with the others in this area play, not Monopoly like the the big kids are playing.

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Why is it that only the wealthy with the means to defend themselves?

“Just a thinking out loud……reading the post on Dr. Manns’ court battle to seek justice for an illegally issued fine. Why is it that only the wealthy ( and good luck to them) are the only ones with the means to defend themselves whilst the rest of us mere mortals are at the mercy of the very people we employ to keep things fair. As honest law abiding citizens we should not be made to pay out of our own pockets for the right to seek justice and yet LOW LIFE CRIMINALS are entitled to a tax payer funded defense…..WHAT THE…….”

“The sad part of this saga is that the Council has just used over $9,000 of our rates money to cheat Dr. Mann out of $94……this money should come out of their “political donations” not our pockets.”

“The Doctor was fined by the council and convicted of it in the Caloundra court then appealed it in the district Court and won. Forcing the Council to pay his legal fees of nine grand. Shows how deep the corruption is on the Sunshine Coast. Even the local courts side with Council to let them continually break the law. I propose we discuss that all enforcement personnel be retrained and gain a certificate of competency in local law before they are allowed to be on active duty. The level of lawlessness in the council is rampant and needs to be reviewed by the ACCC. As this Doctor points out there were three cars parked the same as him and they all got fined. He was the only one of those that could afford the $9000 to prove the Council broke the law and he did. The other just paid there fine as they didn’t have the capital to prove Council broke the law.We all don’t have to go to these measures if we all join in a complaint to the ACCC. Once the lawlessness is stopped the revenue will go back to the same level it was or better.We need the Mayor and the CEO to address this problem before they hold any workshop. They have employed unqualified cowboys to increase revenue using whatever means they like including unlawful and unrealistic actions. They must be held accountable for this Shire wide failure….”

Read about Dr Manns fight for justice here 

Are parking inspectors targeting families at sporting events and markets?

“We would dearly like to hear from all of you SPORTING PEOPLE, be it participant spectator and more importantly, parents of school kids. Please give us your feedback on any issues of parking at you venues and surrounding streets in regards parking difficulties / dangerous situations for the kids ect., This will add fuel to our plight and more so seek to protect our kids more. Thank you in advance.”

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Council creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians?

“Well, sometime ago i rang council regarding a hazard backing out of my driveway.
We have very wide footpaths but next to my driveway, half the footpath was taken up with a dense garden, including palms and concrete edging on council footpath which reduced visibility.
Council came out and said no it didnt and he didnt see a problem…wtf?” Continue reading “Council creating hazards for drivers and pedestrians?”